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2024 Swimming Class Enrollment Now Open

Fanling Swimming Pool, Tai Wai Hin Tin Swimming Pool, Shatin Jockey Club Swimming Pool, Tai Po Tung Cheong Street Swimming Pool, Tai Po Swimming Pool, Ma On Shan Swimming Pool

Years of teaching experience will allow you to attend classes at the most efficient speed and master swimming skills.

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Course planning


We understand that every student's learning style is different, so the course guidelines of our swimming class are student-oriented, with various teaching skills design and special group teaching methods to flexibly mobilize the content of the course. Even students of different levels can take classes at the most efficient speed, so that every student can do their best and enhance their self-confidence.

Learning and supporting


"Rely on evil and obey," this is what most people think of most swimming coaches. The association has added many elements of interaction, thinking, and competition to the curriculum. With the same amount of training, the adaptation rate of students is more than 50% higher than that of the traditional model. With diversified teaching materials and props, students' interest in swimming will be greatly enhanced, and learning to swim well will not be just empty talk.

Elite road


Parents encourage their children to learn to swim because they can strengthen their bodies, and of course they also hope that they can achieve great results! Our courses have a comprehensive upgrade mechanism to encourage students to participate in elite training as soon as possible. As long as they are diligent students, we will try our best to help them improve to a higher level. We also have a scholarship system to encourage parents and students to be more active in professional training.

Professional coach


After admission to the general swimming class, the so-called qualified coaches will be a hundred. Unfortunately, there are many good and bad coaches in the market. Even if they have professional qualifications, it does not mean that the students can learn well. In addition to the various professional qualifications of the various associations, our coaches will also accept the training courses of the association to ensure that the coaches can meet the professional teaching requirements of the association, and more senior and senior coaches will follow up one by one to ensure confidence.

Each new student who successfully signs up will receive a free swimming cap from the club.
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