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Years of teaching experience will allow you to attend classes at the most efficient speed and master swimming skills.

about us


3L Swimming Club was founded in 2016 and now teaches year-round at Fanling Swimming Pool. Since the establishment of the association, the number of students has exceeded 200, and it has been promoting the popularization and eliteization of swimming. We teach in small classes so that students can get adequate care and learn faster.

Purpose of the Association:
Teaching swimming in an orthodox, practical and effective way, so that students can learn to swim in a short time, exercise their bodies, enjoy swimming and continue to develop in the swimming industry. Through rigorous training, cultivate team spirit, exercise personal perseverance and enterprising spirit, and promote physical and mental health. We encourage and support ideal students to participate in various competitions and compete for various awards. From this, we can also train students not to be afraid of difficulties and to challenge themselves.

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